Measures Implemented - COVID 19

At Mix Hotels, we are aware of the current situation and of the need, now more than ever, to guarantee maximum safety, comfort, and satisfaction for our guests during their holidays. For this reason, we have established all the necessary protocols, cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection measures so that our customers can relax and enjoy themselves once again.

At Mix Hotels, the health of our guests and our workers has always been our priority. In each of our hotels, we have reinforced and increased cleaning and disinfection tasks both in terms of frequency and intensity. A safety committee, together with a team specifically trained in this matter, will be coordinating and ensuring compliance with the established safety and hygiene measures.

All the team at Mix Hotels hopes you come to see us soon. Your trust in us today is worth more than ever and, as always, you should know that we will do everything possible to take care of you and ensure your wellbeing.

Our Main Objectives

  • Installation of methacrylate shields at the reception desk.
  • Disinfection of keys and cards.
  • Cleaning: daily and frequent disinfection in high-contact areas.
  • Reception staff will always disinfect the front office before starting with any new check-in/check-out procedure.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitiser dispensers will be available at all counters.

Reception Area

  • Access to the reception area will be exclusively for hotel guests and our staff will try to keep any type of agglomeration from forming.
  • Control measures will be established to ensure that the safety distance is respected.
  • Guests will have separate areas for check-in and check-out.
  • All guests' temperatures will be taken at check-in.

Common Areas

  • Hand sanitiser dispensers will be available in all common area.
  • High-contact surfaces, such as handrails, stairs, elevator buttons, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Access to elevators will be limited to 1 person or the same family unit.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection procedures for all bathrooms.
  • Cleaning reports will be made available to our guests in the common areas.


  • All of our room service team has been properly trained to guarantee the strictest hygiene standards.
  • All unnecessary decorative items and "high-contact" items will be removed from rooms.
  • Rooms are cleaned with protocols that have been reinforced in terms of intensity and frequency, using specific products and processes.
  • Deep cleaning process in all rooms after check-out. Particular focus on high-contact surfaces like doorhandles, light switches, telephones, TV remote controls, etc.
  • Constant monitoring by the cleaning manager.
  • The rooms will undergo some changes to improve hygiene, such as the elimination –to the extent possible– of textiles that cannot be washed between clients, or the placement of single-use items.

Restaurants And Bars

  • Extension of opening hours and reduction of capacity in accordance with official guidelines and recommendations to avoid crowds.
  • Two metres of distance between tables, and tables will not be pre-prepped with kitchenware until utensils are needed.
  • Our staff will ensure that the social distancing rules are upheld between tables while likewise ensuring that crowds are avoided and that all hygiene recommendations are followed.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers can be found at the entrance of each bar/restaurant in all of our hotels.
  • Tables and chairs will be disinfected between clients.
  • Staff members will wear face masks and they have been trained to maintain social distances when serving.
  • The food and beverage service areas will be redesigned so that the staff, equipped with personal protective equipment, can serve customers at the different stations and offer individual dishes. In this way, maximum hygiene/sanitary guarantees are offered.
  • Self-service utensils will no longer be available to customers.

Pool Area

  • All facilities are open but limited to a maximum number of users in accordance with official regulations.
  • There will be safety distances between hammocks in the tanning areas.
  • Specific cleaning and disinfection protocols for common- and/or frequent-use items, high-contact surfaces, and for facilities such as showers and terrace furniture.
  • The water quality of all swimming pools is constantly measured to guarantee maximum disinfection and elimination of microorganisms and bacteria.

Hygiene And Safety Standards

  • Compliance with WHO recommendations and local regulations. We receive advising services from the well-known SANICONSULT health laboratory.
  • Fast-acting medical service. 24-hour medical service availability./span>
  • Our staff has been trained in strict hygiene and disinfection protocols.
  • Safety information and recommendations.
  • Protocols for receiving goods and dealing with suppliers.
  • Establishment of strict internal protocols for our human team.
  • Administrative improvements and ongoing training.
  • FFP2 masks, gloves, and hydroalcoholic hand sanitising gel for our employees.
  • Personal protective equipment will be available to all staff members.

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